Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. in Mario Super Sluggers.
Gender Male

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's michief son. He helps his dad to kidnap Princess Peach. In Mario Super Sluggers, he tries to take the Baseball Kingdom, destroying some fields and kidnapping some people, like Princess Peach.

Team Name: "Bowser Jr. Rookies"

Star Pitch: "Graffiti Ball"

Star Swing: "Graffiti Swing"


Bowser Jr.'s stage is "Bowser Jr.'s Playroom". The walls of the field are very high, which makes it difficult to get Home-Runs, and they have toys like Thwomps(which can break when hit) sitting on them. A giant "Bowser Jr." statue also hangs over the middle of the wall and the whole field is surrounded in a train track and building blocks. In the outfield, there are many markings on the floor of Chain Chomps and Bullet Bills. If the ball lands on a mark, either a Chain Chomp or Bullet Bill will pop up, depending on which enemy was on the hit mark. The Chain Chomps will chase the player as they go for the ball, and the Bullet Bills will, like the Chain Chomps, go after the player, except in the air. Either way hit, the player will be stunned and drop or miss the ball. However, the enemies can be avoided if the player runs away fast enough. The field is colorful and has many toys.


Good Chemistry:

Bad Chemistry:


Pitch: 5/10

Bat: 7/10

Field: 4/10

Run: 7/10

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